Dark Fibre is available on CeltixConnect

Dark Fibre

Aqua Comms Can provide Dark Fibre in its CeltixConnect Cable System from CLS to CLS. In addition to this Aqua Comms can source and manage onward third party dark fibre to provide seamless dark fibre networks from Ireland to the UK on into Europe.

One of the most cost effective ways to control your bandwidth needs while future proofing your business is a Dark Fibre Solution:

  • Optimise costs and control your network
  • Unlimited bandwidth at a fixed cost
  • Capitalise your network as an asset
  • Grow with your network and communication needs
  • Customise configuration to meet your unique bandwidth demands
  • Backbone Infrastructure from Ireland-Europe for carriers on managed capacity 
  • Diverse fibre for existing subsea providers
  • Dedicated fibre for Mobile Operators to meet growing demands 
  • Wholly owned cable for large Content Providers for cost effective delivery
  • Fibre connecting multiple Data Centres, offices and internet exchanges 
  • With one contract for your fibre infrastructure, you avoid lengthy negotiations with multiple suppliers
  • Monitored fibre routes around the clock ensuring total support

What Aqua Comms Ltd Can Offer You:

  • 131 km sub-sea fibre – G.625.D
  • T50 Dublin connections
  • Fibrespeed connection
  • Maintenance and repair of fibres and underlying duct infrastructure
  • Co-Locations EastPoint/Parc Cybi
  • Flexibility to implement bespoke solution integrating with your existing network or third party infrastructure
  • Exact routing info
  • 24x7x365 Network monitoring from our NOC
  • SLA’s and attenuation levels

Check out our CeltixConnect system and its technical specifications.

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